There are times that our children feel unmotivated to do school activities at their full potential. The first thing we should do is to know what their problems are or where they struggle a lot.

Please take note that our kids are empathetic. In other words, emotional problems, attention issues, social challenges, and learning problems are some factors that could lead to our children isolating themselves from the crowd.

But this does not mean that kids who do not perform well in school have learning disabilities that should be diagnosed and treated immediately. In that case, we will share some practical ways to keep our kids motivated to attend school.

So, if you want to know more about it, then keep on reading.

Get Involved

As a parent, we should demonstrate to our kids feel that we support them in their academic life. Through this, we are motivating them to get more involved in doing their school activities. One of the best things we can do is to help them do their homework. Also, let them feel that we are always available to assist them with their questions.

We should develop a habit of asking them how his/her day went in school. By doing so, we are showing that we are interested to know their school life. This could make them feel that going to school is an interesting and exciting thing to do. This tip is effective for those parents who have young kids.

An older student may feel uncomfortable if we ask too many questions about their school life. So, we must give them enough space and allow them to share what they want to share with you. If you have a child approaching graduation, then you can motivate them to do well at school by getting involved in their plans-if they want you to, that is. Whether it involves buying them a graduation gown, or hosting a party for them and their friends, speak to them about it and see what they would like help with. Take note that a lively conversation is way better than a serious interrogation.

Use Reinforcement

Most of us, parents, are tempted to reward our kids in exchange for good performances. This does not cause positive results. Tangible rewards aren’t always the options to make our kids feel that we are proud of what they have done.

So, aside from giving our children fancy rewards, why not give them something cheap yet has a special meaning. We can treat them to their favorite ice cream flavor and share it with the whole family. Aside from that, it would be better to break down their schoolwork into several sessions to complete it without putting stress on them.

Give Them Rewards for Their Efforts, not for The Results They Made

By doing this step, we are showing that their efforts are much more important than the results they’ve got in an exam or activity. We should praise our children when they try new things or when they get out of their comfort zone. Through this, we are encouraging them to push themselves to the limits without stressing them. On the other hand, if we will praise them because they’ve got good grades without making much effort, we are encouraging them not to exert effort to study.

Let Them Make Mistakes

Take note that no student can ace A’s or perfect scores on each assignment or exam. We know how important it is to encourage our kids to exert effort to do something; we should let them know that making mistakes is normal and okay. Remember that most kids nowadays learn how to get ready for school properly by finding out the consequences if they aren’t prepared.

Help Them See The Bigger Picture

Older kids who understand the concept of delayed gratification sometimes need frequent reminders to achieve their goals. Through this, we are helping them to push themselves to their full potential. It is possible that they attend one of australia’s best boarding schools, however, there could be times when they need an additional push from their parents’ side.

This tip is essential for the parents of high school seniors who did not get themselves into college on time. Remind them that low grades or not performing well in school could restrict them from getting into the university they prefer.


There are several tips to keep our kids motivated to do school activities. But those ways we mentioned above are the most effective. So, if you notice that your child does not give enough attention to finish his/her assignments, you may use the tips listed above.

Take note that we, the parents, play a significant role in our kids’ successes. Motivating them the right way could help them determine the importance of performing well in school.