My Life at the Safari

I loved my life on the safari, hanging out with all the animals and witnessing the beauty of nature firsthand. My favorite animal that I’m sure you’ll all be surprised to find out is a giraffe they are just so majestic in their beauty. The way they walk along the landscape so free and beautiful. 

On the safari I was in charge of some tours, tracking the animals and making sure they were safe, and improving overall conservation. I love animals and the point of these safaris is to reduce the chance of these wonderful animals getting hunted. 

Hello there and welcome! I hope this day finds you well. I’m Eve Nkomo and welcome to my blog, Park Spotter Africa. I’m going to be using this blog to discuss anything I really fancy talking about and hopefully share some solidarity with other moms around the world, trying their best to manage home and career life.

I try to take my kids to the safari as much as I can so that they can also appreciate all the animals and not fear them. It is so important for me that they are respectful to the environment and everything within it. My husband was born and raised in South Africa, so he is used to seeing all the animals but for a gal from Texas it was absolutely breathtaking, and that’s where the story continues I moved to Africa and never looked back!

I recommend that anyone goes to visit a proper African safari in their lifetime, Witnessing the lions, elephants, antelope, giraffes, and so many other animals in their natural habitat will really give you a fresh perspective on the world and everything within it. 

I have so many stories from my days out on the safari but there is not enough space to explain it now, maybe I’ll do a series of my safari adventures or do another post on it if that is something you guys would be interested in?