Listening to favorite music and watching movies at home may not bring the desired experience when using a set of basic speakers. We need soundbars that are an improvement and convenient over inbuilt TV speakers. But still, they cannot offer a cinematic experience like what a home theater can do. Home theaters are bundled up with satellite speakers, an audio amplifier, and a subwoofer to produce rich entertainment sounds. However, due to the availability of different brands and cost variance, choosing the right system for our homes is tricky.

Below are important pointers that homeowners should use when buying a home theater system.

Do Some Homework

Before walking into different electronic stores for a home theater, we must do some online research. Check on reviews from different brands such as VIZIO and note the prices and what other users are saying about them. We can learn a brand performance, its price, and major outlets within the city through online research.

Establish Space and Sketch Out the Room

Establishing the available space and the best position to place the system before purchasing it is paramount. Will the system affect the seating arrangements, and will we be forced to change the TV position? We must plan where the speakers will be placed and where the wires will run before bringing any system. This helps identify the ideal system size and prevent inconveniences felt when changing the house setting to accommodate the new system.

Available Streaming Devices

Modern home theater systems are equipped with streaming devices that perfect home entertainment. Check if the system has a receiver that can stream audio from tablets, computers, or smartphones. Moreover, it should have an online app. The device receiver should connect with other wireless speakers to provide the rooms with music at all times. You’ll also want to make sure you have high-speed wifi like the kind provided at This is so you can ensure that the audio from your streaming services does not lag behind the visual and connects flawlessly to the speaker system.

Easy to Set Up

Installing the system and setting it up is difficult, even with the provision of an installation manual. Learn how it is installed and the challenges that might be expected when setting it up beforehand. We don’t want a system that will require expert help whenever an accidental disconnection occurs. Also, ensure its packaging box has everything required for installation before leaving the store.

The Budget

Every homeowner wants a home theater system that produces sophisticated sounds. However, the system prices are determined by quality, brand, and sound output. Depending on our budget, we should buy a system that will offer much-needed entertainment without taking credit to afford it. We can opt to drop either the speakers or amplifiers to acquire an affordable machine. Making price comparisons in advance will lead us to shops that offer discounted or low prices for better brands.

The System Power Output

The energy bill is a concern to homeowners, and it’s important to factor in that before buying a home theater. Check the number of watts that the device uses. A good system should provide at least 100 watts to all its connected power channels. Also, look at the impedance rates and ensure it is not less than 6 Ohms. Enough power output makes the receiver powerful, ensuring that all connected speakers produce their best sounds.


Besides audio streaming from different devices, the system should have several connection points. Does it have HDMI ports where Ethernet and audio devices can be connected to provide entertainment? The number of ports that a system has will be important depending on our needs. For instance, we may need to connect our gaming console, laptop, or DVD player for better sounds.

Remote Control and Radio Tuners

Most home theaters have remote controls that have varying features. We must confirm that the control buttons are working properly, and all the essential features are present. The battery type and operation range are important things to check out first.

Apart from television and recorded songs, we need to get updated on local news through radio stations. Does the system have radio tuners? Ensure the purchased machine has AM and FM tuners.

The Brand

Sticking to reputable brands is a money-saving approach in the long term. Although such companies sell their machines at a higher price, their services have passed the test of time and cannot disappoint. Buying a home theater from a newly established company might bring different frustrating challenges.

Wrapping Up

A home without a good entertainment system is a bore during the weekend. Our time at home should be entertaining after long days at work. Let’s use the above buying in tips in getting affordable and durable home theatre systems.