It cannot be denied that online schooling offers lots of benefits for all students. As parents, online learning gives us and our kids a flexible schedule. Aside from that, we are letting our kids learn by themselves and have an easy connection to both experienced and credentialed teachers.

Even though this is an amazing option for most students, we cannot deny the fact that it is quite challenging for us, parents. This is way more difficult for those first-time parents. However, it should not be a stressful or overwhelming task for both parents and children.

To make it easier for you to have an easy transition from face-to-face schooling to online schooling, I have some tips to share with you. The following are my practical homeschooling tips for every parent out there.

Create a Customized Learning Environment for your Kids

I have noticed that when our children have a customized workplace, they enjoy studying and learn something. Even though our kids are using their desktops or laptops to study, it is essential to give them their own space to let them complete their school tasks without distractions.

You can start by providing them with all the equipment they need, such as a sketchpad, notebook, pencils, calendar, headphones, printer, and computer. Place this equipment where it is easy to reach. Ensure that their learning environment is quiet, so they can focus on their studies without being disturbed by unnecessary noises.

A faster internet connection while you home-school using online materials could help your child learn faster and be less distracted by the lack in the speed of teaching. Third-party service providers like HighSpeedOptions, who have tie-ups with multiple ISPs such as AT&T, Verizon, Suddenlink, and many more. Few of them like HTC, AT&T, shentel cable packages provide bundles that cater to information as well as entertainment for the family. This has its advantages because it allows a customer to choose an ISP that fits their bill and caters to their needs. In addition to a great connection, you may wish to invest in additional internet security, such as a cyberghost VPN, to make sure that your children stay safe online and that any of their details that are stored online for their online learning do not fall into the wrong hands.

Stay Organized

Online schooling allows parents to have more time with their kids. Even though preparing a lesson plan is the responsibility of a teacher, we should also create our version to make sure that our kids are on track or doing what they are expected to perform in a week.

Developing a lesson plan depends on the time that works best for our kids. I recommend parents to do this activity at nighttime. Our lesson plan needs to cover all their upcoming assignments and lessons to ensure that they are fully prepared for the next day.

Preparing a lesson plan is important to get rid of the wasted time. Aside from that, it also helps us to monitor the progress our kids are making towards their lessons.

Mix Things Up

As a parent, we should mix everything effectively, such as collaborations, pacing, content, schedules, learning forms, and routine. This helps us to keep their learning experience unique and fresh.

Knowing the upcoming lessons for our kids helps us to find the perfect timing to mix everything while keeping their interest burning. To ensure that our kids are learning while having an engagement to their lessons, I recommend you to take them to wildlife refuges and local museums for a field trip, let them do physical activities regularly, and encourage them to do their projects without using a computer.

Another thing you can consider to opt for would be hiring an international au pair, who can help the kids with their learning and other activities. Not only would this provide them with some multi-cultural knowledge, aiding their education in a way, but would also ensure that your kids have someone they can turn to for help, when and if you do not have enough time. The people you hire usually take a wholesome approach with the children, not merely acting as a nanny or babysitter, but taking the time to get to know your kids and bond with them. Look at websites like Go Au Pair ( for more details on the financial aspects, as well as info on an au pair’s duties.

There’s nothing wrong with letting our kids have fun while learning. After all, our kid’s education is what we are building.

Socialize the Learning

A common misconception by many about online schooling is that parents think that it will isolate their kids from other students. We must create strategies and find time to keep our kids intact with society.

Keep in mind that if our kids are included in sports teams, volunteer groups, and other groups, they will be able to develop good social skills. I recommend you encourage your kids and their friends to study in groups, let them travel or work out within a coffee shop, to keep them connected and interacted with the community. They will be able to mingle with their peers when they play sports which will promote teamwork and help them with communication as they get older. They could also start fundraisers for sports teams to help out with the community and bring awareness to areas that may need help.

Accept Imperfections

We should list down all the possible reasons before we started this journey that encouraged us to try homeschooling for our kids. Take note that homeschooling is not easy. We may experience difficulties on some days.

Keep in mind that every process towards online schooling is imperfect. Thus, it is important to take each task at a time. When our plans do not happen according to what we expect, we should give ourselves our break.


Homeschooling is not easy, but we can make the best out of it. Consider the tips I have mentioned above to help yourself and your kids learn together in the comfort of your home.