With the chaos going on out in the world, plenty of us have been forced to live out these months in the comfort of our homes. The pandemic is a good reason to further improve your house’s ventilation. Good ventilation will deal with Covid-19 particles. This is particularly important whenever you have visitors over in your home since it prevents the virus from potentially accumulating in the air especially if you have an air conditioner at home! It is always a good option to get the HVAC unit checked for mold spores and other dust particles in the air filters. Qualified HVAC experts like the ones at DUCTZ of Mid Michigan could prove to be helpful in cases such as these.

That being said, a vast majority of homes will more likely than not already have a ventilation system such as air conditioning from an HVAC company; but as they say, one can never be too careful. Here we have several methods and steps to help you enhance your home ventilation.

Let The Fresh Air Come In

Consider this to be quite a simple method, yet very effective. Not only is fresh air a good mood setter for the day, but it also helps bring new air into your home. If it is within your safety, having a couple of windows and doors open will allow the air to move in and out of your home freely. The window does not even have to be all the way open. Even if only partially open, windows and doors already allow free movement of air.

You might even save yourself the trouble of opening the air conditioner by allowing air to come inside your house. A breezy day is quite a nice experience for anyone and usually makes for a home environment that has just the right amount of cold and warm air. After all, nothing beats a nice wave of fresh air.

Make Sure That All Your Exhausts Are Working

This tip is likely to be a no-brainer to most people. However, it is better to double-check. Exhaust fans exist to help air from inside your house move to the outside. Though this may not apply to all exhaust fans, they all typically improve airflow to and from your house. Keeping these exhaust fans in check makes sure that the air in your home is less prone to any virus or harmful particles.

Exhaust fans are commonly found over your kitchen or near the bathroom. You must let steam or smoke escape from your house whenever you cook, as well as remove any lingering, awful smells from your bathrooms. If you plan to have people over, you will want to turn on the exhaust fans. The last thing you want is the air to turn suffocating and bad.

Get A Window Air Conditioner

Although it may be a bit costly for people to get an entirely new air conditioner, it will be worth it. Typically, window air conditioners allow for the outdoors to take in air, given an open vent. Humid and old air can be suffocating and bother you long-term. If you want to stay inside a single room, having a window air conditioner will greatly help with ventilation.

Everyone hates the uncomfortable feeling of having far too humid or warm air. This is why most people opt to buy an air conditioner and have it installed by a company like Valley Service instead. Ventilation improvement is greatly connected with letting the air move freely. This is why the last thing you would want is to get an air conditioner that barely moves the air.

Try Using Fans For Ventilation

Fans may be a thing of the past for most people, but they were popular for a reason. Although a fan’s primary purpose is to provide nice gusts of air, they also help air to and from their positions. This is why it is better to place a fan near an outside space. A fan will continuously blow air outside and allows any harmful particles to leave your home.

Since you aim to improve ventilation, you should not point a fan towards yourself or anyone else. As mentioned above, make sure that these fans only point towards the outside. Not only will people be exposed to whatever unwanted air your fan is blowing, but they also block free movement. Additionally, deciding to look into ceiling fan installation may be your best choice, especially since it provides good airflow in any situation.


Given that we frequent our homes more than ever, ventilation has become more important than it has ever been. Unwanted particles or even just suffocating still air are things that you should never neglect. For your health and refreshing breaths of air, you can try out all the listed ventilation improvement methods listed above.